Frank Loftus

Frank Loftus started his broadcast career in the mid-80s working at Post Newsweek station WFSB TV in Hartford CT as a videographer/editor specializing in breaking news and investigative photojournalism. He won many awards including two regional Emmys, and was eventually promoted to News Operation Manager. In 1993, Loftus partnered with Bill Patrick and opened Patrick Media Productions Inc. where Loftus acted as co-creator and producer of EXTREME MAGAZINE for ESPN2 and a shooter/editor for other programs on ESPN2 and ESPN including SPORTS CENTER and OUTSIDE THE LINES.
In 1995, Loftus co-produced THE ELEVENTH HOUR with Kathy Milani with The Humane Society of the United States, a documentary exposing the African Elephant and Rhino poaching problem which aired on PBS. Shortly thereafter, Loftus became Senior Producer of Video at The Humane Society Of The United States. He has documented stories from the rescue and recovery of FREE WILLY’S Keiko in Iceland to wild horses being rounded up in Nevada. He also help pioneer streaming media for the organization, working closely with Real Networks, placing the group as a leader in streaming videos on animals issues which continues to date. In 2006, he co-created WHAT WERE WE THINKING FILMS with Gorman Bechard, where Loftus produced YOU ARE ALONE, and co-produced all of the subsequent films in the company’s canon, including COLOR ME OBSESSED and the documentary A DOG NAMED GUCCI. While working with Bechard on feature projects, Loftus remained at HSUS, moving into the role of Director of Investigations where he lead the team which was the first to film and exposed horse slaughter in Mexico, and dairy cow slaughter plant abuse in California, resulting in the largest recall of beef in the US history. In 2009, Loftus moved back into the role of lead videographer for HSUS’s Animal Rescue Team, documenting dozens of puppy mills, animal hoarding, dog fighting raids. On the international front he has exposed the illegal wildlife trade in Niagara, dog fighting in Costa Rica, dog meat trade in the South Korea, and the Canadian Seal Hunt which has helped to bring an EU ban on seal products and will ultimately put an end to the hunt.